The Team


No coach is more important than The Team. The Team, The Team, The Team, and if we think that way, all of us, everything that you do, you take into consideration what effect does it have on my Team?
Bo Schembechler


Athletes Connected is a collaboration between three University of Michigan departments: Athletics, School of Public Health and the Depression Center.

Below, meet the members at the University of Michigan that make Athletes Connected run as well as some of the program’s external partners.



Professor, Department of Health Management & Policy, School of Public Health, Population Studies Center, Institute for Social Research, Comprehensive Depression Center

Daniel is a faculty member in the School of Public Health and the Institute for Social Research. He directs the Healthy Minds Network for Research on Adolescent and Young Adult Mental Health.

In the Athletes Connected project, he is the faculty Principal Investigator leading the scientific evaluation of the program’s effectiveness.


Research Study Coordinator, Healthy Minds Network

Peter is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Department of Psychology (Honors B.S., 2014) and School of Public Health (M.P.H., Health Behaviors and Health Education, 2016), with a long-standing interest in mental health research and promotion among youth. He has worked as a clinical intern for inpatient psychiatry at Kingswood Hospital in Detroit, has published his own research on the mental health impacts of youth’s social networking site use, has helped create web-apps and educational seminars on sexual and mental health for gender and sexual minority youth with the Center for Sexuality and Health Disparities, and has been involved with numerous community and self-directed media projects focusing on youth empowerment. His goal is to promote the development and wide-dissemination of innovative, entertaining, and engaging media to promote youth empowerment, mental health, and social well-being. He assists with the management and coordination of the Healthy Minds Study and other projects with HMN, and is very excited by the Network’s growing success and impact.

In the Athletes Connected project, Peter manages the Institutional Review Board applications for the research components of the project and assists in film recruiting and scheduling for the Athletes Connected documentaries.


Stephanie Salazar, MPH

Manager for Outreach and Education, U-M Depression Center

Stephanie helps to plan and implement several of the Depression Center’s outreach initiatives, including the Campus Mind Works website and outreach program for U-M students, and the Peer-to-Peer Depression Awareness Project, a peer-based mental health program for high school students.

As part of the Athletes Connected initiative, Stephanie assists in the coordination of focus groups, informational presentations, and student support groups, and aids in program evaluation.

Lizelle Salazar, MPH

Coordinator for Outreach and Education, U-M Depression Center

Lizelle joined the Athletes Connected team in September 2016. She received her bachelor of science in psychology from Michigan State University in 2012 and received her master’s of public health in health behavior and health education from University of Michigan in 2016. Lizelle is incredibly passionate about adolescent health and is humbled to be part of this student-athlete initiative. In her role at the Depression Center, Lizelle primarily helps coordinate the Peer-to-Peer Depression Awareness program, a youth-driven mental health program for Washtenaw County area high school students. She is also involved in other outreach initiatives such as Campus Mind Works, Depression Center Advisory Board, Bright Nights and the Depression on College Campuses Conference.

As part of the Athletes Connected initiative, Lizelle assists in the promotion of wellness groups, evaluation of program activities and facilitation of special events such as the Mind/Game documentary screening in January 2017.


Multimedia Services Communicator, U-M Depression Center

Jeremy Fallis joined the Depression Center as its new multimedia services communicator on Jan. 9, 2017. Jeremy has been at the University of Michigan since July 2016 having previously worked at the College of Engineering’s Center for Entrepreneurship as the marketing and communications maven.

At the CFE, he led all outreach and collateral strategy to increase visibility and recruiting. He overhauled the Center’s website to a more user-friendly setup, while overseeing marketing efforts that saw record numbers of applicants for startup treks and enrollment in ENTR classes.

Prior to his time at Michigan, Jeremy spent seven years at Penn State University in the athletic department’s strategic communications office. At PSU, he served as the primary media relations contact for assigned teams, most recently the nationally ranked men’s ice hockey and women’s lacrosse programs, while overseeing all communications aspects for those teams. These assignments included writing press releases, previews, recaps, feature stories, game notes, yearbooks, record keeping, social media, graphic design and web design, while maintaining all current and relevant materials on Additionally, Jeremy was responsible for all media contact for his assigned teams by facilitating press conferences, post-game availability and disseminating quotes and other interview materials.

Jeremy attended Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where he was a varsity student-athlete for the cross country and track & field programs, and graduated in 2006 with a B.A. in English and a secondary study in History. He remained at Saint Joseph’s as an athletic communications assistant until 2009.

For Athletes Connected, Jeremy serves as a media contact, the lead web designer, curator of content and facilitates the Twitter feed.


Outreach Coordinator, U-M Depression Center; Former U-M Student-Athlete, Football

Will is a mental health advocate who helps student-athletes adjust to and cope with the stressors of being a high-profile individual in a high-pressure environment. He encourages and promotes holistic wellness for the student-athletes in order to increase performance on and off the playing field.

In 2017, Will joined the Depression Center as an outreach coordinator.



Counselor, U-M Athletic Department

Abigail is a licensed clinical social worker and educator with more than 10 years of experience working in tribal and non-tribal communities across the United States and Canada. She has been a LEO Lecturer in the University of Michigan School of Social Work since 2014, where she teaches various interpersonal practice courses to MSW and PhD students enrolled in the school’s program. She also holds an appointment as a licensed clinical social worker in the Athletic Department and is helping train social workers as Michigan Medicine rolls out Behavioral Health Collaborative Care in Ambulatory Care. Abigail has been a field instructor for MSW and PhD interns from University of Michigan School of Social Work since 2010 and continue to promote the use of evidence-based practices across the life course.

She is the President for the National Association of Social Workers – Michigan Chapter Board of Directors. She has supported over $8 milloin in research efforts over the past seven years with emphasis on improving mental health screening and services for youth ages 10-24.


Program Coordinator, U-M Athletic Department

Emily is a clinical athletic counselor for the U-M athletic department’s Performance Psychology Center. She provides direct clinical care to student-athletes, consults with coaches, conducts team presentations, creates educational programming and works interactively with support staff.

A native of Kentucky, Klueh was an elite swimmer, winning an NCAA championship, being named Big Ten Swimmer of the Year and competing professionally until 2016, while also representing USA Swimming. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Michigan. For Athletes Connected, Emily is a program coordinator.


MSW Candidate, Performance Psychology and Athletic Counseling

Jevon Moore is an MSW candidate working as an intern with the Performance Psychology and Athletic Counseling team. In this role, Jevon works with the athletic counselors to assist in providing a full spectrum of care and services for student-athletes ranging from performance concerns to everyday emotional stressors. In addition to clinical care and support, Jevon consults with coaches and student-athlete support staff such as dieticians, academic counselors, doctors and trainers to ensure the most integrative care possible.

Jevon is no stranger to student engagement, having spent the past five years as a community relations representative and leadership facilitator. During this time, he worked with student organizations, teams, and community-minded student-athletes to develop leadership built on personal interest. Jevon has also worked with organizations such as C.S. Mott Children’s hospital, Food Gatherers, Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity to provide perspective and education on the needs of our local community.

Jevon is particularly interested in helping student-athletes to purposefully and mindfully reduce the effects of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety during their transition into and out of college. Drawing on over 10 years of experience in student development, he also hopes to focus on individualized training and assessment for student-athletes who want to take control of their mental health.

Jevon is originally from North Carolina having played football at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. As an undergraduate student he majored in Industrial Engineering focusing on systems management and cost reduction practices. He is married to Stephanie Moore, PhD, and together they have two sons, Baylan and Landon.



Director & Producer

Will Del Rosario is a director and producer with over a decade of experience working in film and commercial production. Along with notable film projects, Will has been directing brand films for the Healthy Minds Network and other organizations.

Through the Athletes Connected Project, Will has directed and produced all of the student-athlete films.


The Athletes Connected project wouldn’t exist without staff members who worked tirelessly for the program’s success from its founding.

Grant Co-PI, Depression Center

Retired Athletics Counselor, U-M Athletic Department