Anxiety and Sports: The Mardy Fish Story

From The Players’ Tribune, written by Mardy Fish:

“And through it all, I just kept having these … thoughts. This anxiety. I became consumed by this exhausting, confusing dread.  And the attacks just kept … getting … worse.”

American tennis star and courageous competitor Mardy Fish recently opened up about his relationship with anxiety.  Fish shares first-hand with The Players’ Tribune his journey through mental illness, which included a Top 10 World Ranking, on his way to mental health.  

“This is a story about how a mental health problem took my job away from me. And about how, three years later, I am doing that job again — and doing it well. I am playing in the U.S. Open again.  This is a story about how, with the right education, and conversation, and treatment, and mindset, the things that mental illness takes away from us — we can take them back.”