Life After Sports

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  • Every athlete reaches a point when their competitive playing chapter closes. Whether this is by choice, from injury, from loss of love for the sport, or from age, many struggle to find their new path. If you’re in this situation, know that it’s normal to have a lot of questions and feel a mix of excitement, hesitation, fear, and sadness. One of the biggest things to recognize is that you are not alone. Similar to college, there are resources available to help you navigate this life change.

    This page was created as a resource for those preparing to retire from their sport or for those who have been retired and are looking for support in navigating life without sport. You will find information on how to find mental health providers, learn how to navigate insurance, read articles normalizing life after sport experiences, access resources for how to translate skills used in sport into the real world setting, among other helpful tools.

    Remember the life lessons sport taught you, the ups and downs, and the skills that have allowed you to be successful in multiple areas at the same time. These qualities are qualities you will hold the rest of your life. You are more ready and capable than you think you are to step into this next chapter of life.