U-M to Host #SameHere Sit-Downs Oct. 2

Our university is honored to have been chosen to be one of 15 universities from all over the country to host a #SameHere Sit-Down, produced by The Global Mental Health Alliance: We’re All A Little “Crazy.”

Athletes Connected will host the #SameHere Sit-Down event on Tuesday, Oct. 2 (7 p.m.) at Junge Family Champions Center. Parking is available in Lot SC5 off Kipke Drive.

Our free event will feature opportunities for candid and revealing conversations with NBA veteran and champion Derek Anderson, singer/songwriter Luke James Shaffer, and founder of the WAALC and #SameHere Movement Eric Kussin. The event will be emceed by ESPN’s Darren Rovell. This will be a combination of that conversation, and live musical entertainment. You will hear firsthand from the individuals above about the mental and emotional challenges they have encountered in their pursuit of excellence, along with a range of coping strategies they have developed in response.

This openness will be delivered through individual story-telling, panel discussion, and open dialogue between you and these special guests. The result will be a shift in culture that creates a “comforting environment” on campus where it is readily apparent that everyone faces life challenges, and asking for help, getting that help, and finding success is not only possible, but seen as a sign of strength.

No pre-registration required; email us if you have questions.